Modena Volley – Unica Face Mask FFP2 R

Individual protection device – FFP2, reusable, non-sterile, equipped with elastic straps and rubber rings to adapt adherence to the face.
The device ensures the user protection against the inhalation of oily particles, dusts, fog, aerosol, droplets, bacterias and viruses.

The device is washable up to 50 times after hand washing with mild soap.

UNICA FFP2 has an innovative nanotechnological surface coating capable of preventing the adhesion of droplets, fatty and / or protein substances (such as those of viruses and bacteria), on the surface of the fabric.

UNICA FFP2 is active 24 hours a day against bacteria and viruses , thanks to the action of highly oxidizing substances that render inactive the pathogens coming from the external environment and / or contained in the droplets from contaminated patients.

The presence of highly oxidizing substances makes the fabric with ANTIVIRUS characteristics on the SARS-Cov-2 viral strain according to the I SO 18184: 2019 standard “TEXTILE – Determination of antiviral activity of textile product” . Test carried out at the accredited laboratory ACCREDIA (Italian accreditation body).

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