Modena Volley – Unica Kid Mask

The new Unica fabric mask has an innovative nanotechnological surface coating capable of preventing the adhesion of droplets, fatty and / or protein substances (such as those of viruses and bacteria) to the surface of the fabric.

Thanks to the action of highly oxidizing substances, it makes inactive the pathogens coming from the external environment and contained in the droplets containing the virus, making the ANTIVIRUS fabric on Sars-Cov-2 viral strain, guaranteeing a certified viral defense (UNI 18184 standard: 2019).

The treatment is able to oxidize and destroy the virus membrane by 97% after two hours, more than 99% after six hours.

It is a type 2R medical device, the highest achievable standard.

The Unica mask has a shape designed to facilitate breathing, has adjustable elastics and cotton inside for maximum comfort.

The mask is washable up to 20 washes.

(After the twentieth wash the FFP2 protection remains unchanged)

Maintenance instructions:
Hand wash at 40 ° max

Do not use washing machine
Do not use dryer
Do not iron

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